Walkabout Slings

Walkabout is Australian brand which specializes in baby ring sling carriers. Founded by MUM in sunny Brisbane. Anna being mother of two and first handed experience how uneasy and difficult it was to manage daily routine created sling which made her life easier. Understanding the importance of the bond mother can have with her infant she did not wait long to share it with others. Soon after she decided it was time to spread the word of baby wearing. She designed sling which was easy to wear, perfect for Australian weather and easy on you pocket. Now our slings are known world wide and the fame is still spreading. We are passionate about our slings, but we are also passionate about life in general. New baby-life in the house always bring changes. We would love to be part of your special journey ( WALKABOUT ). Happy bub, happy mum, happy family and happy world. Thank you all for your support, we wouldn't be here if it was not for you. XXX Anna