Classic Ring Slings


What is baby ring sling?
Baby sling its made of a long stretch of fabric that, baby’s weight its distributed across wearers back and over one shoulder. Baby slings let you nurse discreetly and you can use it in various positions optimized for infants, older babies, and toddlers. Rings sling are easy to adjust and can be use by whole family.
Simplistic yet elegant design, comes in various colours.

Top Reasons to Carry Your Baby

A Carried Baby is a Happy Baby
Babies who are worn for three hours a day cry less during the day and night.(1)

Bonding with Baby
Babies love being held close and that closeness creates a special bond.

Keeping up with Life
Eliminates the need to choose between holding the baby and getting things done, and leaves parents’ hands free.

True Mobility
Baby carriers allow you to move through tight spaces, cover uneven surfaces—including beaches, parks, stairs, and escalators.

Travel Light
Baby carriers are compact and can go anywhere for life’s big or small adventures.

Sleep Begets Sleep
Carried babies tend to doze more often and be calmer.

Nurse Anywhere
Breastfeeding in the carrier is easy and discreet.

Helps Baby Navigate the 4th Trimester
Carrying your baby during her first three months (the 4th Trimester) helps her adapt to life outside the womb by becoming familiar with your breathing rhythm, heartbeat, and voice.

Better Parenting by Design.

Comfortable for Parents:
The ergonomic design is so comfortable that allows you to wear baby anytime.

Ergonomic for Baby:
Our sling cradles your baby just the way you do with baby in a natural sitting position.

Multiple Carry Positions:
Carry your child in five different positions: on the front, on the back and on the side.

Carry Your Baby from Day One:
You can carry babies from newborn to toddler.

  • 100% pure cotton
  • die-cast zinc alloy metal rings
  • use from newborn to toddler
  • easy to use
  • compact (will fit in small bag)
  • extra light
  • helps with reflux
  • ergonomic support
  • handy pocket in slings tail
  • sling tail can be used as shade cover or simply gives privacy while breastfeeding